Music for arts


December 2015White Lotus Black Sand
In collaboration with Dishari Chakraborty for Rhythmosaic & the Beijing Dance/LTDX directed Ronnie Shambik Ghose with Dr. Mitul Sengupta & Willy Tsao with Lulu Tsao for their upcoming dance creation in an Indo chinese project “White Lotus Black sand”
12th December – Calcutta Club.
16th December – Arts Acre.
17th & 18th December – G.D. Birla Sabhaghar.
22nd December – ICCR, Kolkata.

28th of August 2015
Rhythmosaic – Sengupta Dance Company s double Bill Contemporary Dance performance  Diabolique & Scoptoma.
Synopsis: Its a paycho- physical journey of an individual, where the mind sees what it chooses to see.10997698_10205830778079482_8632689093858174135_o
Diabolique: Prasanna Saikia
Music: Martin Lutz
Scenography: Mergie Madelin
Curated and Mentored by : Dr. Mitul Sengupta
Scoptoma: Rhythmosaic
Music :  Pierre- Antoine Lasnier
Curated by : Dr. Mitul Sengupta.


Documentary / Film 

Odyssée Temporelle by Alexis Blondet
It is a web documentary in 3 parts and 24 episodes about the idea of connection with the self, others and society as well.
More informations about it will come soon.