As a sideman

Neel Sarkar Project
“Neel Sarkar Project is an evolving platform for freethinking musicians to collaborate and find musical expression for their thoughts and feelings about everything around them. The main aim of this project is to find new ways for stories to tell by interpreting traditional and classical Indian musical trajectories within an ambient context of global jazz harmonies and rhythmic structures. Drawing from philosophy and poetry besides music, it aims to create a palette that would be a blend of mix media musical textures and different kinds of genres from all around the world like latin, pop, jazz, flamenco and so on.

Official website of Neel Sarkar Project


Santanu Datta Trio
Santanu Datta is a music producer, composer,  guitarist, santanusinger and music educator whose  musical ventures extend from the Jhumur of Bengal to the contemporary classical music of Europe, in the quest of his personal sound.
In 2016, Santanu completed the Diplôme Supérieur (Masters) in Composition from the École Normale de Musique de Paris with unanimous voting of the jury. Santanu also studied the Classical Guitar performance extensively and holds Diplôme d’Etude Musicale (D.E.M.) from the Conservatoire de Ville-d’Avray and L.T.C.L. from the Trinity College London. Santanu has received various scholarships for his musical studies and his works have been performed by musicians from all over the world.

Official Website of Santanu Datta


The Rohan Ganguli Trio
The music is wherever it takes you. This is the maxim the trio sets out to achieve whenever they  perform. Like any good conversation between people, the nature of the music changes course according to every change within its interacting members. This results in multiple perspectives. That is what the trio aims to achieve through the compositions. Rohan has been a professional guitarist/musician for close to 20 years. He is an Official Fender and Ernie Ball artist.

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