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It is a jazz trio founded by Pierre-Antoine Lasnier who creates original compositions to express his inner feelings and his journey through life from France to India. The band is composed of Shonai on the piano and Aniruddh Saha on the drums. Abhind’s music is multiple and cannot be reduced to a single format or a particular shape as it is the description of an around the world journey. It transcribes the multiplicity of life, emotions, people and places with a documentary shape through sounds. The first album of Abhind, “From Kolkata” represents the first part of the depiction of this journey. Even though Pierre-Antoine Lasnier is actually from Paris in France, the compositions where made in the capital of Bengal in India and find their roots in this city. They are the description of the first part of the journey and its conclusion.
You can see some videos on the youtube page over here.

Les Mélodies de Nirbaak
Basically Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is and Indian ciné concert project using Indian movies and/or Indian musicians. The project is defined by its art, which is the blending between a music and an image or a film, and not by who or what is giving life to it on the stage.
Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is totally independent of the musicians who perform it, but is created by their common story & culture. Les Mélodies de Nirbaak performs ciné concert and is a community of artist and an artistic identity.

Les Mélodies de Nirbaak
Les Mélodies de Nirbaak

The composition of the representative depends on the production and the sounds & instruments chosen. The consequence is that Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is a flexible project in its format but keeps always its substance.

The very first Ciné concert performed in India was a solo performance by Pierre-Antoine Lasnier on the Sunday 28th March 2015 at the Indian Museum Kolkata for Earth Hour by WWF, on the documentary “Les réfugiés du climat” by Patrick Benquet.
Currently Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is created with ciné concert composed for The Georges Méliès Series. This project is going to tour India alongside with the Neel Sarkar Project between the 21st of June 2016 and the 9th of July 2016.