Pierre-Antoine Lasnier

Sunset CollectivePierre-Antoine Lasnier started his musical journey at the age of five  with the flute in Western Classical Music as a primary instrument. At the age of fourteen he shifted to his present instrument, Electric Bass Guitar.
Currently he resides in Kolkata since 2013 and he is studying Hindustani Classical music under the guidance of his Guru Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya who is a world famous slide guitarist. Pierre-Antoine Lasnier is mixing his various influences and knowledges in order to create new music and emotions through his instrument.
However he believes that music cannot be reduced to itself in order to understand it and transcribe it into reality. One has to know more to see further and beyond to truly develop the art of sound. So in addition to his musical studies, Pierre-Antoine Lasnier has spent a lot of time studying the human sciences and he went on to obtain a degree in History and a master in Sociology during which he studied in particular Techno and Electronic music with their respective cultures. His passion for abolishing borders between the arts pushed him to create music for ciné-concert, visual arts, live performance acts and bands. The result of that journey of pushing borders more and more further is creating what he calls the Abstract Hindustani Music. Matheran BW
In other words Pierre-Antoine Lasnier is using his deep knowledge of Western and Indian music with those related to human sciences to develop a unique journey into sounds, that describes and personifies Humans and their emotions.
In addition of being a creator and a blender between worlds, cultures and arts, Pierre-Antoine Lasnier is also an educator and a promoter of music and the relation between various cultures.